Faith Was Here – June 2022

We were so grateful that Faith was able to come and renew friendships with so many of us this year and to report on the activities that she and her Zambian team have been engaged in. If you happened to miss her visit, we are pleased to provide this video of her visit to The Springvale Church in Stouffville June 9, 2022. Thank you to Keith of The Stouffville Church for recording, editing, and sharing this video for all to enjoy!


Itinerary for Faith – 2023

  • To be announced in April 2023

UPDATE:  Clothing Collection, Shipment and Distribution has Resumed!

The twice a year gathering of clothing and shipping to our FOF children in Zambia has resumed following the reopening of borders that were closed because of Covid. The sorting and packing of all the donated items occurred over a two-day period. While most of our time was actually spent packing, there was a portion that was spent admiring the beautiful designs and workmanship of the sewers and knitters that was so clearly evident in the  many amazing items they donated.   

To give you an idea of what we receive, package and then send, our April 2022 shipment consists of 27 round bales (about 3 feet long and 20 inches in diameter) and 52 large banana boxes. The main contents are as follows:
      106 blankets  
      57 quilts
      106 afghans
      750 sweaters
      1681 dresses
      70 skirts
      691 T-shirts
      368 shorts
      48 short sets
      42 skirt sets
      201 school bags

The photos that follow were taken during a past clothing distribution at a centre in Zambia. We hope to have more photos in the future as a way to express our appreciation for the countless hours that our supporters have invested in making the dresses, shirts, and pants the children are so pleased to wear. As well, the quilts, afghans, blankets and other needed items that you have made are so welcomed by those that receive them…for them, it is like the excitement we experience on  Christmas Day, except for them it comes twice a year. Thank you for your continued prayer, care and generosity.