Faith’s Home Destroyed in Fire

On February 24th of this year, Faith & Kaumba Liyena’s family home in Ndola, Zambia burned to the ground, along with their furnishings, clothing, family photos and computers. Faith has led the ministry of Faith’s Orphans in Zambia for over 30 years and has often used the family home to provide hospitality and shelter for vulnerable youth over this time frame. 

Sadly, property insurance is not prevalent in Zambia and the Liyena home did not have insurance coverage. As the scope of our charity does not allow us to provide tax receipts for donations to rebuild her home, we have setup a Go Fund Me page in the hopes of raising funds to help Faith and her family rebuild.

If you would like to contribute to this purpose, please click on the link and it will take you directly to the correct website page.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information.

Christmas 2023 Update

We were fortunate to be able to connect with Faith while she was out in one of the villages prior to the start of the rainy season. The video runs just over 13 minutes and provides a look at the tree planting efforts with the children, the importance of sewing machines, and also how the two new Toyotas that arrived this year will mean the villages will still be accessible even during the rainy season. We have much to be grateful for and Faith and all the children at FOF thank you for your continued faithful support as this work would not be possible without you!

As a way of expressing their thanks, Faith and the children have made a video presentation of the Christmas Story for us to enjoy at this special time of the year. We hope you enjoy it!

The Land Cruisers Have Arrived!

Last year, the FOF Canada Board of Directors discussed the need and the schedule for replacing the two aging vehicles used by Faith’s team in Zambia. The plan initially was to replace one at a time over the next two years. When we learned of an opportunity to purchase Land Cruisers at an amazingly low price, it was decided to act immediately and purchase two.

Land Cruisers are ideally suited for our work of distributing clothing and other supplies to our twenty four Centres. The reliability these new vehicles afford will mean the prospect and concern of a mechanical break down while out in the remote villages where maintenance and parts are unavailable is reduced significantly.

Also, the rugged suspensions of the Land Cruisers are built to handle the kind of ‘roads’ Faith and her Team must often travel to reach isolated centres. A trip from the Skills Training Centre in Kitwe to the Lungwa Centre is only a distance of 52 kilometres, but it can take just over two hours! Such are the conditions of some ‘roads’.

Faith has sent us a video and a photo showing the FOF staff and students in Zambia celebrating and dedicating the two new vehicles to God’s work.

Celebration and Dedication of the Arrival of the Two New Land Cruisers

Rural ‘Roads’ in Zambia

While there are some good roads that Faith and her Team travel on, this video will give you an idea of the difficult roads that she needs to drive on to reach some Centres. The new Land Cruisers are well suited to tackle these ‘roads’.