NEW – Christmas Letter 2021

Greetings from all of us on the board of Faith’s Orphans Fund here in Canada and from Faith Liyena and her team in Zambia. As another year quickly slips away, we reflect on the fact that it has been nearly two years since we’ve had the joy of meeting and fellowshipping with Faith in Canada. Fortunately, we have been blessed by the use of technology which has allowed us to record several Zoom conversations with Faith while she is out in the FOF centres to provide on site accounts and updates for us.  

We are pleased and thankful to be able to release a 10 minute video update for you this week which you can view by clicking on the link below.  We are confident that you will be encouraged to hear of the on-going ministry to orphans and vulnerable youth in rural Zambia as well as the activities at the FOF Skills Training Centre in the city of Kitwe.  

Although Faith has been unable to travel to Canada during these past two years, FOF supporters like you have remained faithful in praying, volunteering and providing financial support to the ministry.  Once again, we have received thousands of dresses, shorts, shirts and blankets, lovingly sewn or knit by hundreds of dedicated individuals and groups across Ontario.   After being boxed, bundled and packed, this large shipment of goods left for Zambia on October 20th.  While we extend a most sincere “thank you” to all who participated in this aspect of the FOF ministry, it is the joy on the faces of the children receiving these gifts that truly expresses their thanks and blesses our hearts. 

With the financial support we have received, FOF Canada has been able to cover all school fees, skills training programs, college fees, access to Teen’s Missions camp for over 100 youth, Christmas parties as well as FOF implementor training. Additionally, in 2021 funding was provided to allow for the replacement of the FOF Toyota Prado (SUV) and utility truck, both having reached the age when the major repairs were no longer cost effective. 

August 2022 will mark 30 years of ministry for Faith’s Orphans in Zambia and will be a time of celebration. Having attended the 25th anniversary in 2017, along with a number of Canadian supporters, we are keenly aware of the significance of these milestone celebrations as God is honoured for His blessing on this ministry.  

As we enter the Christmas season, we are often asked for some gift ideas for FOF and the Zambian orphans. The items below were provided by Faith and she describes several of them in this latest video. 

  1. Freezer & Commercial Stove – to be utilized at the Skills Training Centre for student meal preparations ($850 & $4200).
  2. Tree Planting Project – 30 trees for each of the 24 centres = 720 trees x $12.50 each ($9,000).
  3. Chickens:  2 hens, a rooster and a bag of feed for 10 families in each village.  $80 per family x 240 families. ($19,200).
  4. Christmas parties – A special gift for each of the 4200 orphans and a Christmas meal for each village. $11,000 for all ($2.60 per child).  
  5. Clothing shipping fees – $50 per tightly stuffed banana box
  6. Well maintenance – 25 wells have been installed (1 for each village + the STC).   These wells are now 5-7 years old and a regular bi-annual maintenance plan is being established,  $200/well.  ($5,000)

Thank you once again for your support of the ministry of FOF to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia.   It is a blessing to bear witness to what God is doing through the support of His people and through the FOF Zambia Team.   From all of us on the FOF Canada Board and the FOF Zambia Team, Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the Lord bless you in 2022.

We trust that you will enjoy the new video update from Faith.