Christmas Update from Faith

We are pleased to be able to provide this 15 minute video update from Faith as she answers questions about the children of FOF and the Covid 19 status in Zambia. The video takes place at Kangwena, one of the centres along the Solwezi Road in North Western Province where some of our children are located. A special treat for us is the opportunity to see the children wearing their new clothes which were received in the last shipment. As Faith points out, this clothing is treasured by the children and gives them a sense of pride. We trust your heart will be touched knowing the impact your support is having upon the future of these children. Thank you for your continued support.

October Clothing Shipment, Thank you!

In the spring and fall of each year, FOF’s generous supporters send or bring in beautiful hand-made sweaters, quilts, blankets, and other clothing and essential items to our packing location in Cambridge Ontario for shipping to Zambia. One group, from Muskoka, made a video for their church and have graciously made it available for us to show what a ‘Packing Day’ looks like. While there are usually many more volunteers helping to pack the donations, for this shipment we were limited by Provincial Covid guidelines.

When a shipment arrives in Zambia, Faith and her team distribute the items among the more than 4100 orphans and vulnerable children that live in the 24 centres. The children seem to know when Faith has arrived at their centre as they just suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. The excitement level of the children is palpable as they await the receiving of new clothing.

While the children may appear to come out of nowhere, we know where the items that are shipped to Zambia come from. There are several groups that have faithfully supported these children for many years and some that have just joined recently. To all of you, from Faith and her Team as well as the FOF Canada Board of Directors, we want to express our deep appreciation for your selfless acts of love and generosity in making a difference in the lives of these children. THANK YOU!