NEW – Christmas Letter 2021

Greetings from all of us on the board of Faith’s Orphans Fund here in Canada and from Faith Liyena and her team in Zambia. As another year quickly slips away, we reflect on the fact that it has been nearly two years since we’ve had the joy of meeting and fellowshipping with Faith in Canada. Fortunately, we have been blessed by the use of technology which has allowed us to record several Zoom conversations with Faith while she is out in the FOF centres to provide on site accounts and updates for us.  

We are pleased and thankful to be able to release a 10 minute video update for you this week which you can view by clicking on the link below.  We are confident that you will be encouraged to hear of the on-going ministry to orphans and vulnerable youth in rural Zambia as well as the activities at the FOF Skills Training Centre in the city of Kitwe.  

Although Faith has been unable to travel to Canada during these past two years, FOF supporters like you have remained faithful in praying, volunteering and providing financial support to the ministry.  Once again, we have received thousands of dresses, shorts, shirts and blankets, lovingly sewn or knit by hundreds of dedicated individuals and groups across Ontario.   After being boxed, bundled and packed, this large shipment of goods left for Zambia on October 20th.  While we extend a most sincere “thank you” to all who participated in this aspect of the FOF ministry, it is the joy on the faces of the children receiving these gifts that truly expresses their thanks and blesses our hearts. 

With the financial support we have received, FOF Canada has been able to cover all school fees, skills training programs, college fees, access to Teen’s Missions camp for over 100 youth, Christmas parties as well as FOF implementor training. Additionally, in 2021 funding was provided to allow for the replacement of the FOF Toyota Prado (SUV) and utility truck, both having reached the age when the major repairs were no longer cost effective. 

August 2022 will mark 30 years of ministry for Faith’s Orphans in Zambia and will be a time of celebration. Having attended the 25th anniversary in 2017, along with a number of Canadian supporters, we are keenly aware of the significance of these milestone celebrations as God is honoured for His blessing on this ministry.  

As we enter the Christmas season, we are often asked for some gift ideas for FOF and the Zambian orphans. The items below were provided by Faith and she describes several of them in this latest video. 

  1. Freezer & Commercial Stove – to be utilized at the Skills Training Centre for student meal preparations ($850 & $4200).
  2. Tree Planting Project – 30 trees for each of the 24 centres = 720 trees x $12.50 each ($9,000).
  3. Chickens:  2 hens, a rooster and a bag of feed for 10 families in each village.  $80 per family x 240 families. ($19,200).
  4. Christmas parties – A special gift for each of the 4200 orphans and a Christmas meal for each village. $11,000 for all ($2.60 per child).  
  5. Clothing shipping fees – $50 per tightly stuffed banana box
  6. Well maintenance – 25 wells have been installed (1 for each village + the STC).   These wells are now 5-7 years old and a regular bi-annual maintenance plan is being established,  $200/well.  ($5,000)

Thank you once again for your support of the ministry of FOF to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia.   It is a blessing to bear witness to what God is doing through the support of His people and through the FOF Zambia Team.   From all of us on the FOF Canada Board and the FOF Zambia Team, Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the Lord bless you in 2022.

We trust that you will enjoy the new video update from Faith.

Summer 2021 Update With Faith

Last year at this time, we had high hopes that Faith would be able to make her regular visit to Canada in 2021. While the interim Zoom updates have kept us informed, meeting and chatting with Faith ‘face to face’ and hearing her tell about the children under her care in Zambia is an event not to be missed; it is special. Faith always looks forward to these personal meetings as it allows her the opportunity to express the heart-felt gratitude of the children whose futures are made brighter by those who support her work in Zambia. As Covid has prevented Faith from coming again this year, we have put together another Zoom update for you to watch. While it isn’t the same as having Faith with us, we trust you will find it informative and a blessing to watch.

On behalf of FOF Canada, thank you for your continued participation in this work.

Christmas Update from Faith

We are pleased to be able to provide this 15 minute video update from Faith as she answers questions about the children of FOF and the Covid 19 status in Zambia. The video takes place at Kangwena, one of the centres along the Solwezi Road in North Western Province where some of our children are located. A special treat for us is the opportunity to see the children wearing their new clothes which were received in the last shipment. As Faith points out, this clothing is treasured by the children and gives them a sense of pride. We trust your heart will be touched knowing the impact your support is having upon the future of these children. Thank you for your continued support.

October Clothing Shipment, Thank you!

In the spring and fall of each year, FOF’s generous supporters send or bring in beautiful hand-made sweaters, quilts, blankets, and other clothing and essential items to our packing location in Cambridge Ontario for shipping to Zambia. One group, from Muskoka, made a video for their church and have graciously made it available for us to show what a ‘Packing Day’ looks like. While there are usually many more volunteers helping to pack the donations, for this shipment we were limited by Provincial Covid guidelines.

When a shipment arrives in Zambia, Faith and her team distribute the items among the more than 4100 orphans and vulnerable children that live in the 24 centres. The children seem to know when Faith has arrived at their centre as they just suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. The excitement level of the children is palpable as they await the receiving of new clothing.

While the children may appear to come out of nowhere, we know where the items that are shipped to Zambia come from. There are several groups that have faithfully supported these children for many years and some that have just joined recently. To all of you, from Faith and her Team as well as the FOF Canada Board of Directors, we want to express our deep appreciation for your selfless acts of love and generosity in making a difference in the lives of these children. THANK YOU!

**NOW OPERATIONAL- Medical Clinic Comes to Lungwa!

Following FOF’s completion of a much needed school building in Lungwa, the Zambian government has chosen to develop a medical clinic in Lungwa to support people in the region. We are delighted by this surprise development as it will provide a range of medical services and benefits to the community that have not been readily available until now. This medical outpost, when completed and fully staffed, will also be an aid in curbing the spread of the corona virus and play a role when an approved vaccination becomes available. In addition to the medical buildings under construction, a new bore well has also been installed to ensure another supply of clean water is available.

Coming Soon!!!

We have all been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic including Faith and the FOF children in Zambia. As the virus caused Faith’s trip to Canada to be cancelled, we have recorded an video interview with her so that she can give us a first hand account of the conditions in Zambia and how the children and Centres have been affected. The video will be posted here in about one weeks time, so stay tuned.

Skills Training Centre Re-Opens

As mentioned in an earlier update, it was expected that on June 1st students, including our college students and those attending the Skills Training Centre, would return to classes. As in Canada, frequent hand washing and the wearing of face masks are required measures in Zambia to prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

Hand washing facilities for students and staff at the STC.

Students making face masks in the tailoring classroom.
The finished product
Students are masked and separated while in a classroom
A student working in the garden wearing his mask

While the Covid 19 virus is causing major disruptions throughout the world, we are grateful that it has not had a major impact on the FOF children, students and adults at the FOF Centres.

With the cancellation of Faith’s visit to Canada this year, she and her team in Zambia especially want to convey their thanks for your support through this challenging period. Your prayers and contributions are making a difference in the lives of these children and giving them a chance for a much brighter future. Thank you!

COVID-19 Update

During this pandemic, we have had regular reports from Faith related to the spread of Covid-19 in Zambia. The country’s latest figures show there have been a total 1051 cases, with 743 recoveries and 7 deaths.

Faith and her team reacted very quickly to the threat by providing the necessary guidance to the Centres for protecting the children and adults from contracting the virus. As a result, we can be very grateful to God that at this time, the FOF Centres have been spared from this infectious disease.

We will keep a close eye on further developments as many students in Zambia are scheduled to restart classes on June 1.

Teen Missions November 2019


Teen Mission is an important part of the FOF program for our youth as it imparts valuable life skills, develops their sense of responsibility and presents ways to examine the Word of God so they can grow in the Lord and communicate their faith to their community.

This year’s program started on 24th November, 2019 and went through to 9th of January 2020. FOF sent 125 youths and of these, 87 gave their life to the Lord and 6 re-dedicated themselves to the Lord. 

Before proceeding to Teen Missions, all the youths gathered at the STC to receive groceries, blankets, clothes and other supplies before going to Ndola. Upon arrival at the camp, Teens were arranged in groups of thirty and given specific tasks to perform such as; 

  • Planting maize and other crops,
  • Building churches/Construction;
  • Planting bananas.
  • Bible reading and memorising (a pack of 40)
  • Evangelisation 

After the camp, the youths came back to S.T.C to receive new pairs of shoes to use for school and other school supplies, as well as provide reports on their time at the camp. Here are some of the reports from four of our youth that attended this recent event.


Blessings wrote, “I gave my life to the Lord when I was at Teen Missions Camp. I would like to be a Pastor when I finish school in order to serve in God’s kingdom and to help people in the community. I would like to help sick people with the encouragement of the word of God that through him, many could be healed and be saved. Teen Missions has done the following for me:

  •  Shaped me to teach the Word of God and how to interact with others (social interaction).
  • Enabled me understand how to study the Word of God every day, and I have learnt various skills such as reading, bricklaying and farming.
  • Taught me how to use time responsibly and meaningfully.  
  • Encouraged me to grow in my Christian life.” And the things of the Lord, always.


Pauline says she accepted the Lord as her personal Saviour during Teen Missions Camp after the Word of God was explained to her. She learned a lot of things at Teen Missions that have helped her in her Christian life. Teen Mission program helped Pauline to know the importance of time keeping, concentrating, working hard and understanding missionary work. She promised to continue preaching and sharing the Word of God to her family and friends when she goes back to her village.


Bright is a twenty-two year old young man from the Inakamwale FOF Center on the Solwezi Road. He gave his life to the Lord last year at Teen Missions and went back again this year. He likes the Camp because it brings youths together to  work and learn things like how to manage finances, how to sing, how to do farm work, learn to know God and how to behave towards one another. He appreciated the care he received at Teen Missions. He also said he enjoyed sleeping in tents and hearing birds in the trees singing all night during camp.

The debrief time also was another exciting time for him, when teams were competing in forty memory verses and singing. Lastly, he would advise youths to attend Teen Missions because it’s really a good place to know the Lord.


“I went to Teen Missions already a Christian and I was able to grow in the things of the Lord. I truly appreciate having attended Teen Missions camp.” Teen missions taught me how to live with others, i.e. eating together, playing together and having fun together. Teen Missions promotes unity and more importantly, to be prayerful all the time. Prayers are very important at Teen Missions. In the morning there is personal devotion time and I have personally dedicated to God to continue personal devotion which is a good way of communicating to the Almighty God. Teen Missions taught me agriculture, poultry and crop management. Teen Missions help youths to be punctual at all activities and to be dedicated to duty all the time. It helps one to be disciplined all the time in life.”


Five of our youths have since decided to remain at Teen Mission to train as Pastors.

The School at Lungwa Centre

What began in October of 2015 with three Canadians arriving in Zambia has been completed and is now in full use. The generous support of Canadian donors has enabled Faith’s Orphans Fund to build a school at the Lungwa Centre where the children there can now receive the education to change their futures and impact their community.

The nearest school for the children of Lungwa had been more than 16 km away, too far for children to walk at anytime let alone during the rainy season when paths and the road would be awash.  Education previously consisted of brief lessons by non-teachers in a tiny hut.

The construction plans for Lungwa consisted of a school building with three large classrooms and supply storage room, a small four-room building to house the teachers, two separate latrines for the students plus all the required desks and chairs.  Before construction of the school could begin however, a well had to be drilled to provide the water to mix with cement to make concrete.

The well that provided the water required for construction also gave the entire community a sustained source for safe clean water and it has become the central meeting place for the community.  The well was made possible by a generous group of people in memory of a special teenager from Frankford Ontario and a plaque embedded in a concrete memorial now stands by the well as a permanent tribute.

The work on the school was carried out in three phases with the assistance of four students from our Skills Training Centre and the entire Lungwa community, including the children who contributed by carrying materials like heavy concrete blocks to the building site. Before the school was finished and before the desks and chairs arrived, the children were being taught in the classrooms…and today, 176 children attend the classes held in this new school.

Thank you for your continued support of Faith’s Orphans Fund. Together we are making a difference in the lives of these children and giving them a brighter tomorrow.

Teen Missions Boot Camp

One of the significant elements in the development of our high school students is the opportunity to attend Teen Missions, a 4-week long leadership-training program that is often referred to as ‘Boot Camp’.

The most recent ‘Boot Camp’ ran from December 4, 2017 to January 6, 2018 and FOF had 70 students attending. Additionally, we had 10, mostly Grade 12 students who had attended a previous Boot Camp, start one week earlier than the others. These 10 were chosen to be leaders during the following weeks of the ‘Boot Camp’. This additional training is especially valued as these teens are often selected to be head boys and girls by the headmasters of the schools they attend .

After the first two weeks of learning in a classroom about bricklaying, cement work, farming practises, tree planting, and managing their time, they were divided into groups of 30 to apply their new knowledge in a ‘hands on’ setting. Acquiring these basic skills is incredibly useful for securing the future success of our students.

Important as these skills will be however, the ultimate goal of Teen Missions is to re-establish or ensure our students are firmly grounded in their faith as a Christian. For some teens, Teen Missions has been a life changing experience as they make a decision to follow Jesus and to live their life honouring Him.

Faith Liyena has provided the following testimonies from some of our students that attended this recent ‘boot camp’.


 Edina Kasunga says that her journey was filled with what many people would consider an amazing coincidence, but for her, she says, it was by God’s grace. 

Raised by non-Christian parents, she did not know the love of God. She lived in “wretchedness and lawlessness of life,” without any real standard of behavior in her because she was living without God’s word. She gave her life to the Lord after hearing the Gospel at Teen Mission and has since applied to train as a missionary at Teen Missions this year.


Martin Muthali says, “it was at FOF Kabulankashi center where, I learnt about Teen Missions in Ndola.” I was told about the “Christian activities that help someone to grow in the things of the Lord.” Encouraged by friends that had been there and by their good behavior in the community and in school, he asked to attend and was among those who were picked to go to the boot camp.

“I was not yet saved but I used to go to church.” At the Teen Missions camp, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savour and I am now living for the Lord.

While at Teen Mission camp, I also learned other life skills such as bricklaying and also time management as important to life. I want to be a good example at school and in the community. “I appreciate FOF for introducing me to this Life changing programme.”


Some of Our Students That Attended the Recent Teen Missions


Faith Liyena, the Director at FOF in Zambia, has also reported that it is a joy to see so many children give their lives to the Lord. “These children are the little lights in the families, communities and schools.

It is exciting to see them back home, more mature in the things of God…” and helping to build their community with their newly learned skills. These students have also had training in leadership and one of the activities they engage in back in their community is sharing what they learned with the younger students. The community benefits by one of their own attending Teen Mission.

Thank you to all our Supporters for generously providing the means for this years group of teens to have the Teens Missions experience!



Seed and Fertilizer Packs

It is hard for our vulnerable children to focus on learning in school when their tummies are grumbling from a lack of food. This is why we invite the supporters of Faith’s Orphans Fund to contribute to the annual ‘Seed and Fertilizer Packs’ project.

In October, for the past several years, the Zambian Government has made available these ‘Seed and Fertilizer Packs’ for purchase at approximately one-third of the normal price. A ‘Pack’ consists of four bags of fertilizer and one bag of seed. Maize (corn), okra, rapeseed, onion and cabbage have been the customary seed made available but that does vary from year to year.


Transporting Seed and Fertilizer Packs to the fields

In the months leading up to October, the people in our twenty-four Centres will have been busy preparing their fields for planting. This has to be completed by November when the rainy season sets in for the next several months. What is grown during that time will be their food supply until the next growing season and therefore  will have a direct bearing on the nutritional intake of our children. This is why our ability to purchase ‘Packs’ for all our Centres is a project we focus on each year.


Each bag can weigh up to 50 kg or 110 lbs! 

The photos included here are the evidence why the Board of Directors of FOF Canada once again express our grateful thanks for supporting our 4113 vulnerable children and the Centres where they live.

The ground is fertile and the maize grows quickly

Late Breaking News

FOF Canada recently received funds from the Community Christian Reformed Church in Frankford Ontario with which to purchase two hammer mills. The hammer mills are being placed at a special location on the Solwezi Road and the Lufwanyama Road. This will allow maize and cassava to be ground into a flour-like consistency. It is hoped that some of the flour can be sold and thereby expand their dietary intake or purchase other needed items.

Thank you Frankford!